Easyboot Epic

The Easyboot has been the industry’s leading horse boot for the last thirty years. It is the ultimate in hoof protection and one of the most important items you should carry with you on any ride. Use it to prevent lameness when you lose a shoe and finish your ride without compromising the health and safety of your horse. Easyboots can also be worn in place of steel shoes or even over steel shoes for additional protection, traction and cushioning on rocks and hard ground. Made from durable urethane and in sizes to fit most horses, these boots will outlast any steel shoe!

The Easyboot Epic is lightweight and low-profile, can endure unlimited miles and has the Easyboot gaiter attached for extra protection and staying power on longer rides that include mud and water. The Easyboot Epic is also ideal for a horse who is difficult to keep booted.

Proper fit of your horse's Easyboot is essential. You can find sizing instructions and a chart by clicking on "More Pictures".
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